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I am a novice writer, at best. It is a hobby that I continue to pursue, always seeking to better myself.

I add content as I finish poems... however, I find I must be in a certain mood to write poetry. DEPRESSED. I am seldom depressed, therefore, poems are many days or months between. I also lack a certain provision that one must have in order to write more poetry... TIME.

As a husband of a beautiful wife of 24 years, a father of three grown children ( will they EVER move out...? JUST KIDDING! ) and a full time employee, time seems to be sorely lacking...

As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I also teach individuals the hope the bible promises for God's creation in the very near future. This activity takes priority over many other hobbies... lives are at stake! Therefore, I appreciate you stopping by, & I hope to keep you entertained, but if updates are slow to show up, please understand... I am a busy person, as I am sure you are.


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